Getting tax notices in the mail? 

Let us handle all the hard work. With a few signatures and a couple copies, we can can call IRS or the Franchise Tax Board for you! No need to waste time waiting on hold. 

Quick links

IRS AMended Return

Use this link to check the status of your Federal Amended return. It can take up to 3 weeks for your return to be logged in the system.

IRS Tax account

Use this link to login or create an IRS account. You can view balances, request transcripts, create a payment plan, and more. 

ftb payment agreement

Use this link to set up on online payment agreement with the California Franchise Tax Board. An account is not required for this request. 

myftb account

Use this link to make a tax account with the California Franchise Tax Board. You can view tax balances and your payment history. 

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