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No matter the situation, we've got you covered. 

Individual, Business, or Estate, we can can make filing your taxes easy. 

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How to file 

no-contact filing

You don't need to visit the office to get your taxes done. Upload your documents to the Portal to get started, and call us to set up a phone appointment to review the return, contact free!


No need to sit in the office and wait while we prepare your taxes. Drop them off at our office, set up an appointment to review the return, and we'll handle the rest.

In-office appt.

Let one of our professionals give you the Walters Tax personalized touch with an office visit. Give us a call to set up an appointment that works best with your schedule and we'll walk you through the preparation process! 

tools for taxes

adobe scan

Don't have a scanner at home? No problem! Download Adobe Scan (Or any other scanner app!) to scan documents and send to us. We highly recommend sending your documents as a PDF or Excel file. 

Please note, Adobe Scan requires an account with Google, Facebook, Apple, or Adobe to use the app. 


tax organizer

Get organized with a tax organizer! Use this document to gather all your tax documents, list important filing information, and any major life changes we should know about. 

Piles of Paper

mile iq

Whether you need to track miles for your business or for employee's, this app might work for you! It's free (to an extent) and helps track miles and a deduction estimate throughout the year.

mile iq.png
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